Smart Sex Dolls

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Recognize your voice
Talk to each other (both sexual and non-sexual)
Smile often and use facial expressions
Automatically rotates and tilts head
Eyes blink automatically
Their lips move when she speaks
Every conversation she has with you is an opportunity for her to learn! The more you get to know her, the smarter she becomes.
Cloud-based artificial intelligence: she can have interactive non-sexual or sexual conversations. With the right training, she can recognize your voice and respond in the way you want.
* Fully AI-enabled robot head: she can smile and wink at people, and her lips are synchronized with the sound of her voice as she speaks.
*She can hold infinite positions and has a built-in simulated steel skeleton.
*She is equipped with body heating and full-body touch sensors. There are 14 sensors in her body that respond to touch or penetration. Her body can maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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