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The body of the sex doll is very light. It weighs between 4 kg and 20 kg. The torsos of these sex dolls can be made of silicone or TPE. They are both very safe.
Similar to the torso, the sex doll is designed for sexual gratification. It has very realistic breasts and genitals. The sex torso can also have a sex doll head. It is used for anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, breast intercourse as well as oral sex. The internal structure of these torsos is very realistic. The internal passages have vivid folds. When the penis enters the vagina, you can feel the real stimulation. Enjoy the ultimate in sexual pleasure.
In addition, there is a male torso sex doll. This is a form of female masturbation. This torso usually has a realistic dildo. The dildo is thick and large. When the female is lying on her back, this erect dildo penetrates the vagina. The female then fills the vagina. Finally, you can ride the horse for sexual pleasure.
Finally, the torso sex toy is self-explanatory. Torso sex toys are perfect for those who don’t have the space but still want to enjoy the intimacy of a full-size love doll. Although the torso sex doll has a full body and head, it doesn’t have arms and legs. But don’t feel bad. You will have the best sexual experience because they share the same anatomy and sexual characteristics as the full-size dolls. If you don’t have the budget for a full-size doll, then a torso sex toy is a perfect choice. You can easily clean and store your torso sex dolls. You may think that it is difficult to have a satisfying sexual experience. However, a torso sex doll can satisfy your sexual appetite. A vibrant love doll can help you release the stress of a long day at work. This doll is made from high-quality materials such as silicone and TPE. This doll is carefully crafted with cutting-edge tools. You will find perfect curves, realistic lips, and genitals. Now you can have sex with the torso sex doll.

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