152CM Sex Doll

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Standing 152cm (5ft) tall, this ensemble of real sex dolls is an immersive dream lover, a dream come true. Her curves are stunning, starting with her stunning hydrogen bullets and ending with her 21-inch waistline which juts outwards at the hips. This gives her a very seductive, attractive full bottom. It’s hard to stop yourself from succumbing to her lustful smile.
This combination has its advantages: the doll owner can choose to have a soft, flexible body and a fine head. However, as far as realism is concerned, silicone heads are still more realistic than thermoplastic elastomer heads. All this at a very affordable price.
TPE sex toys come in a wide range of heights. We recommend that you choose a 152cm (4.98ft) sex doll from this range. When choosing the right partner for you, consider your height and needs. They weigh about 29 kg, which is about half the weight of a real female. All of them are designed with human characteristics to satisfy your sexual desires. These dolls are made from thermoplastic elastomers and have realistic human features such as breasts and genitals. The toys are becoming increasingly popular among adult men and women who can derive pleasure from sexual pleasure and try new ways of doing so. These 152 cm sex dolls can provide an intense sexual experience for their owners.

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