Refund and Returns Policy

Damaged products or invalid orders.

We take the quality of our products very seriously. Every order is thoroughly inspected, tested and photographed before delivery. Please always check that the product matches your order before use. If the product has already been used, we will not process complaints even if the order is incorrect.


If you find damage or errors in your order.

Returns and Refunds

We take the quality of our products very seriously. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return them after meeting the following conditions.

The doll was damaged before use or during shipping.

Order Cancellation

After placing an order the doll may already be ready for shipment and the order cannot be cancelled afterwards. However, if the doll is not shipped, you may request a refund within 24 hours.

Modifications to the doll after the order has been placed

Please remember to check your order exactly before completing it. Doll making begins immediately after the order is placed. We offer 12 hour modifications, but orders cannot be modified after the 12 hour window.

We charge a one time ( $19,00) modification fee for order modifications.
If you wish to make changes after your order has been placed, please email [email protected].

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