Each sex doll is thoroughly inspected before it is sent to the customer. As a result, our customers rarely receive products with manufacturing defects. We ask our customers to carefully inspect the product when they receive it, and to contact us immediately if they find an error, please do not use your doll! We can offer a reduced warranty on used dolls.

How the warranty works

When you receive your doll, please inspect it from head to toe. If you find a defect, please contact us as soon as possible and please send photos and videos. When the sex doll needs to be replaced or replaced. Then do not use her. Keep unused sex dolls in a box with all available packing materials. We do not trade anything that has been used. We will test them carefully on arrival to keep track of the condition.

What is not covered under warranty and why?

Small Skin Defects – Sometimes there may be small irregularities or slight deviations due to production and its processes. However, these will be unnoticeable. We consider them to be unique “birthmarks”. Fingers: The skin around the fingers is the most fragile because it is the thinnest. If you handle them carefully, they will not break. Careless use can result in bones piercing the skin. We do not guarantee this. Loose nails: We carefully check toe and finger nails for adhesion in advance. However, nails may come loose. If this happens, you can easily glue them back together with strong adhesive. Loose Eyelashes: We ship the doll with an eye shield to protect her gorgeous eyelashes. However, if an eyelash comes loose, you can easily glue it in place with a strong adhesive. Damage caused by yourself – Sex dolls can only be replaced if they are in mint condition. The entire warranty period expires when we realize that the doll has been damaged by use. Then the cost is your responsibility. Negligence – If the sex doll shows signs of poor care and is damaged as a result, the cost is your responsibility. We will provide you with free advice on how to properly care for your doll.

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