Different Types of Realistic Sex Dolls

Ensuring that everyone’s sexual desires are fulfilled is our mission. We offer a large variety of realistic TPE/Silicone sex dolls with various body shapes, skin tones, sizes, and genres because of this. We have introduced over 800 lifelike sex dolls at Realsexdollstore, ranging in size and design, so you’re sure to find the ideal love doll!

  1. Life-Size Sex Dolls

Our collections of dolls are especially popular with life-size sex dolls. Male sex dolls, female sex dolls, and shemale sex dolls are the three full-body love dolls available for purchase.

Female Sex Dolls:

You can choose any type of body form that suits your tastes, from curvaceous and slender to bosom-filled and cocky. You can find satisfaction regardless of your sexual addiction.

Male Sex Dolls:

We offer a variety of premium silicone male sex dolls that have the same realistic texture and feel as female sex dolls to satisfy women’s sexual demands. Top doll companies like WM, YL, and others are the source of the male sex dolls we sell. You can be happy here whether you favor huge, gruff guys or sunny, gorgeous boys. Any size Dildos can liven up your nightlife.

Shemale Sex Dolls:

Featuring an added penis, the design of these dolls is identical to that of full-body female sex dolls. A few shemale dolls have moveable penises. The opening becomes a vagina once it is eliminated.

  1. Mini, Small & Tiny Sex Dolls

Little Sex Dolls are little replicas of life-size dolls, typically standing less than 148 cm tall. Petite sex dolls are perfect for you if you have a penchant for tiny things. The small sex dolls are more competitive because they are very simple to use and store. Of course, Realsexdollstore has the ideal miniature sex doll for you, regardless of your reason for wanting one—storage needs or personal desire.

  1. Sex Doll Torsos

The torsos of sex dolls are mostly made for beginners. Their body parts are limited, unlike full-size love dolls, which feature the entire body. However, torso sex dolls can satisfy every sexual desire that one would anticipate from a full-bodied sex doll. Torso dolls are incredibly easy to use, transport, and store because they are small, typically measuring less than 100 cm. Plus, they’re quite cheap.

Anime Sex Dolls

Do you enjoy anime? If so, you’re in the proper place. We’ve gathered every kind of fantasy TPE & Silicone anime sex doll imaginable, including elf, vampire, hennai, cartoon, and more, to fulfill your wildest wishes. Go here to see more anime sex dolls!

Please be aware that these are not the only kinds of sex dolls we have in our collection. You can peruse a plethora of additional varieties on our website. Furthermore, we provide customized options so you can choose every aspect of the doll to suit your demands. Now without further ado, visit Realsexdollstore to find the ideal silicone/TPE doll.


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