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How do I clean and maintain my sex doll?

These guidelines are only applicable to dolls made of TPE.

You must ensure your sex doll is well-maintained by cleaning and maintaining its cleanliness. This will help ensure that your doll is well-cared for and lasts a lifetime.

This kit is essential for cleaning your sex doll:

  • Water
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Soft cloth (microfibres work well) or sponge
  • Use a soft towel or dry chamois.
  • Powder is made from corn starch/flour, or baby powder.
  • Powder brush.
  • Mineral baby oils
  • Petroleum Jelly/ Vaseline

How do I clean and maintain my sex doll?

How often should I clean my sex doll?

Before you give your adult sex doll its first use, please clean it.

Sex dolls shouldn’t be kept dusty.

After every sexual activity, it is recommended that the sexy doll be cleaned.

General maintenance is dependent on the use

TPE dolls should be oiled at least 3-4 times per year. Don’t over-oil.

You can use Vaseline/petroleum to treat high-stress areas such as the inner groin and knees.

Before storing real dolls for extended periods of time, apply corn starch/flour.

Avoid using silicon- or alcohol-based products like perfumes and lubricants.

These are our top five expert tips for quick cleaning.

To contain fluid, use a condom.

To dry a fixed vagina, use a fan.

It is better to hang or lay your doll down before you apply oil or powder.

A small spray bottle works well for local cleaning. Mix 1:5 soap with water.

How can I clean my sexy dolls safely?

Begin by wiping off any body fluids and lubricants using a soft towel.

If necessary, remove the vaginal insert.

You can wash the insert in warm soapy. Allow it to dry completely.

To make a complete sex doll, place your doll on towels and then spray soap. Warm water and soap are best. For a gentle massage, you can use your hands to gently rub the doll’s skin or a sponge to wipe it clean.

Place your doll on towels, then spray and wipe. You can place your doll on towels if it is heavier than you think and you feel comfortable handling it.

If you don’t allow the sex doll to get too wet, you can bathe it. This is to prevent the “skeleton” from becoming moldy.

It is safer to stand when wet dolls are in your shower than to use a stool.

Avoid using abrasive soaps and other general cleaning products.

Use wire brushes and sponges sparingly

Place your TPE sex doll on towels and make a bed.

Tip: Spread your legs and use a fan to speed up drying.

Do not place the sexy doll in direct contact with a radiator or flame.

How can I clean my sexdoll anus/vaginal area?

We recommend using a water-irrigator to clean any openings. Spray the water into the opening and let it run. If you don’t own a water irrigator, you can use a shower attachment for cleaning the openings. You should turn it on LOW and gently.

You can clean the opening manually by using a soft, damp cloth with tepid soapy. Make sure you get to all areas.

To clean the sex doll’s pores, use your hands or a sponge.

You should leave your sex doll’s legs exposed for cleaning. This will allow your vagina and anus to naturally dry. This could cause permanent damage.

After the sex doll has dried completely, you can use vaseline to make love holes.

Use gentle soaps and not harsh chemicals to clean your home.

How can I clean the face of my sex doll?

Take the head off the body

Use a warm, antibacterial soapy solution and a sponge/cotton to gently massage your face.

You can use mineral oils to remove or fade makeup. Avoid over-cleansing and rubbing your skin to prolong its life.

Do not get your eyes and eyelids wet.

You can remove the eyelids by stretching the socket open gently.

To gently wipe your face, use a non-abrasive, soft cloth. Before you attach the cloth to your body, let it dry naturally.


  • Do not immerse your TPE sex doll into water.
  • Avoid using abrasive soaps and other harsh cleaning products.
  • Avoid sharp or hard objects.
  • Do not put too much pressure onto your skin and skeleton.
  • Your TPE doll should not be exposed to heat or hairdryers.
  • You should not try to speed up drying by placing your sex doll near a heater, fire or other heating source. A cool fan can be helpful.
  • Avoid baby wipes. Baby wipes can cause TPE sex dolls to be destroyed.
  • Avoid silicone-based products and lubricants.
  • If you’re not sure of the colourfastness of dark clothes, don’t wear them.

How do I dry my sexy doll?

To minimize damage, dry your doll completely.

Use a soft cotton cloth to gently dry real sex doll skin.

After drying, lightly dust the doll’s skin with some powder. This will prevent friction damage. Powder can quickly dry, causing oil to be pulled out of the TPE. Powdering is not required often.

Vaseline is a highly-recommended protective and lubricant.

How do I clean and maintain my sex doll?

How can I transport, store and handle my sexy doll?

Avoid putting the doll in direct sun. This could cause discoloration.

The doll should be kept at room temperature and dry. The doll should not be stored in a garage, bathroom or any other area that is likely to become damp or vulnerable.

Don’t leave your doll in artificial or stained clothing, such as leather sofas or dark clothes, for too long.

Avoid putting the doll in direct heat.

Do not leave the doll in an uncomfortable position for too much. The skin may become damaged or split if it isn’t returned to its original position. Natural skin is not suitable for boxing.

These are the options: Store your sex doll flat in a doll storage box or original packaging box. If you have a memory foam mattress, a pillow behind your back against the wall might be an option.

These guidelines will help you when moving or handling your doll: Please keep your back straight, bend your knees, and lift your hips.

Our experience has shown that dolls are easier to move if they are held vertically. Wrap your arms around the doll’s waist and form a bear hug.

You should not lift the doll with your head or limbs. Always hold the body.

Do not lift your shoulders too high. This could put pressure on your spine.



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