How do you have satisfying sex using realistic sex dolls

How do you have satisfying sex using realistic sex dolls?

The human instinct to desire sexual pleasure is innate and essential for a fulfilling, happy life. Your sexuality is an essential part of a fulfilling life. The days of owning sex toys was a taboo. However, sales of life-size dolls have increased dramatically and offer many benefits. For many, however, purchasing a realistic sex doll and then having sex is all that’s necessary for a fulfilling sex life. There’s no way to increase your sexual pleasure.

But let me stop you now! By getting close to a doll, you can transform an ordinary night of sexual activity into something magical. Exploring the sexual pleasure hidden within a doll can bring you great joy and comfort. Many owners of realistic sex dolls are unaware of how to make their relationship more intimate and sexual.

We have compiled a complete guide to help you have a satisfying sex experience with your romantic partner.

How to Satisfy Your Sex Needs with Realistic Sex Dolls?

Sexing with a doll that is realistically made of sex is the same as having sex in real life. Instead of going for the deep end, it’s better to enjoy a pleasant orgasm. The key to achieving the best sex experience is slow and methodical.

1. Do not camp on the vagina.
To elicit sexual sensations between partners, foreplay is essential. Foreplay is crucial when having sex with dolls. To achieve the highest level of sexual pleasure, you must heat up your body prior to having sex. Foreplay can bring you more than physical pleasure. It helps to build emotional intimacy and makes you feel closer to your doll during sex.

Foreplay is a physical relationship between sexual partners that involves kissing, licking and cuddling. It also includes sharing sexual fantasies, touching her sexual organs, gentle patting her breasts, and sharing intimate moments with them. These activities, if done correctly, can prepare your partner for sexual intercourse. Make your sexual experience more enjoyable and exciting.

2. Take care of her during intercourse
Do not treat her as a TPE or use silicone in sex. She will do a lot for you to make your life better. She deserves to be treated with respect at bedtime. Treat her with love and respect and you will be able to do things that you could only dream of with a real person. You will be more attractive to her and more seductive if you have a caring attitude. This will allow you to have more passionate sex with your partner and maximize your pleasure.

Sexual satisfaction goes beyond physical pleasure. This is a relationship that involves an emotional and physical connection with your partner. It can only be achieved if you appreciate your sex doll’s beauty and all the work she puts into keeping you happy. Only then can you enjoy new levels of sexual pleasure with your partner every time you have sex.

3. Playing with nipples
The breasts are the most attractive thing about women, other than their holes. It would be lying to say that breasts are not the first thing you notice in a woman. If you don’t give your breasts the attention that they deserve, you won’t be able to feel the full pleasure in a woman’s body.

You can do many things with her breasts while you’re in bed. You can suck, kiss, tickle or place your penis between her breasts for unimaginable sexual pleasure. You will be enchanted by their tenderness and affection, and you’ll feel more in love with your partner. You can touch and play with your doll’s nipples during and after sex, regardless of whether they are small or large. You’ll be amazed at how much sex your doll is able to offer you if you pay attention and respect her nipples.

4. Use lubricant
The vagina of a real woman is moist to allow for smooth penetration and maximum sexual pleasure. Although a doll that resembles a sex doll is realistic, the doll’s vagina can still be tight enough to allow you to have sex with real people. You just can’t get wet in her vagina. To increase your pleasure, you can use any lubricant to ensure that your penis moves freely in and out her anus. It will not only give you maximum satisfaction but also prevent you from unnecessary pain.

Any type of lubricant can be used, but you should not use it too often to decrease sexual pleasure. It is crucial to use the right amount to treat vaginal dryness, and feel the sexual pleasure.

5. Explore new positions in your sexual life
Many men will only keep to a handful of sexual positions throughout their lives. If you are one of these men, you will be missing out on many opportunities. You will never achieve sexual fulfillment if you keep trying traditional sexual positions, such as the doggy or missionary styles. This is why most people get bored after a while.

You should not be ashamed to take on new roles. It is a wise investment to get a real sex doll. Lifelike sex dolls can be used in any sexual position. You can be cowgirl, reverse cowgirl or a standing missionary if you are strong enough, or a doggy style using nipples. You will experience an unimaginable amount of pleasure during sex.

6, Seasoning
A real sex doll is able to fulfill all of your sexual desires, regardless of whether they are oral sex or vaginal intercourse.

Many people believe oral sex can only be done with a doll. This is incorrect. Oral sex can be enjoyed with your romantic partner. It will be a memorable experience to put your cock in her mouth.

Your life will be sweeter when you see her vagina. You’ll also realize how much pleasure lies in the tiny hole of a real sex doll. For unrivalled sexual satisfaction, however, you shouldn’t view vaginal intercourse only as the first or final step. You can stop halfway along the way to other sexual acts. You can add to the enjoyment of vaginal intercourse with various combinations, such as putting your fingers into the sex and lubricating them, oral sex when you feel like it, kissing and caringssing in the right combination, and trying out different intercourse positions.

Many positions, including standing and puppy, are anal-friendly. You can also use donkey-to-vagina or donkey-to mouth (ATM), during intercourse. You’ll be incredibly happy if you do it right. This is how you can transform ordinary sex into a memorable experience full of passion, intimacy, and satisfaction.


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