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Yetta – Flat Chested Love Realistic Sex Doll

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The most protruding feature is her ultra huge booty and boob, which satisfying your chest intercourse surely.

The cleaning kit is of importance to prolong her lifespan, so they are free as a gift to ship out with your lovely doll.

Never ask anything in return, but as you need her at any time, she is always there for sure.

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Shipping Information

  1. We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, the Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, and Russia, Free Shipping Worldwide.
  2. She will be shipped in 1-2 days, arrived in 3-12 days after your order is placed.
  3. Discreet Packaging – the box is completely plain and without any trace of suspicious logos/words.
  4. Doll will ship nude, no costumes advertised, wig, underwear and eyes will be given away at random.

About Yetta

The name of this sex doll is Yetta, Yetta is a cute little girl who is a flat chested sex doll and is so charming at only 100cm tall.
One of the latest releases in the sex doll category is the flat chested mini sex doll. These new dolls have been conceived by some of the best designers and are sexy and cute at the same time. They are also designed to cater to all ages and body types. For many men and women, a slim body is attractive because it has natural body tones and the sexiest of features.
Flat-breasted sex dolls are a great option for men who don’t like breasts or are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts. They are attracted to men who are uncomfortable with large breasts and more interested in other sexy parts.

Real Sex Doll Measurements

Height: 100cm
Breast: 45cm
Waist: 26cm
Hip: 40cm
Anus Depth: 10cm
Vagina Depth: 14cm
Mouth Depth: 14cm
Net Weight: 12kg
Gross Weight: 16kg

Height: 125cm
Breast: 52cm
Waist: 29cm
Hip: 49cm
Anus Depth: 12cm
Vagina Depth: 14cm
Mouth Depth: 13cm
Net Weight: 16kg
Gross Weight: 21kg

Yetta – Flat Chested Love Realistic Sex Doll-Realsexdollstore.com Yetta – Flat Chested Love Realistic Sex Doll-Realsexdollstore.com Yetta – Flat Chested Love Realistic Sex Doll-Realsexdollstore.com


The value is a manual measurement, please allow a few centimeters of error.


100cm, 125cm

Ships From

EU, U.S.


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