What are The Real Dolls?

The main distinction between real dolls and classic inflated dolls is their high level of simulation. Medical silica gel is used for the outer substance since the entity uses a metal skeleton internally.

The doll and the real human look almost identical at first glance. Physical dolls often cost between a few thousand and ten thousand yuan for relatively inexpensive local products and over 50,000 yuan for high-quality foreign dolls.

Types of real dolls

Silicone doll

Advantages: The texture is amazing, and the material is paintable, stable, and accurately depicted. It can faithfully recreate the head sculpture’s prototype, completely capture the artist’s intent, and smell nothing at all!

Disadvantages: Low tensile qualities, poor softness, generally hard, high manufacturing costs, and repair costs, which inevitably result in generally high prices.

TPE doll

Advantages: Robust tensile performance and resistance to tugging; in other words, it is highly cost-effective, firm, soft, and requires little expenditure in manufacture or repair.

Disadvantages: Paint is not possible, texture and detail display are drastically diminished, visual impact is weak, and there is not enough realism. Although it is easily deformed in principle, there isn’t much of a difference between the silicone doll and the real daily use procedure. Although the TPE doll will smell, different factories currently manage it better. In essence, the scent of the cloth is only detectable up close.

Points for buying real dolls


Platinum silica gel, the material used to make the sex doll, has a somewhat elastic structure, high hardness, white flesh, a smooth surface, strong authenticity, weak elasticity, black flesh, and a little sticky surface. Without a strong feeling of reality, it doesn’t feel seamless and unreal, much like an appliance is just an item.


The real products smell little, others do not smell at all, and some are downright unpleasant. Comparatively, the fake products smell like gum. 


Licensed products are trouble-free to use repeatedly. Parallel products can be used once or multiple times; if they cannot be used more than once, they will break.


Authentic items often consist of non-toxic molecular components and do not negatively impact human health. Commonly, parallel items are constructed of regular plastic, which is harmful to human health and may have more severe side effects.


In general, superior physical dolls lack the physiological inertia, biological aging resistance, high efficiency and tastelessness, high sanitation level, high transparency, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, and environmental protection that genuine physical dolls do.


It’s advisable to utilize mid-to-high-end physical dolls rather than inexpensive sex dolls. High-end products are made of metal and can be arranged into numerous positions to suit the diverse and specific needs of their consumers.


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