What Does Flat Chested Sex Doll Need to Maintain and Keep Clean?

You can see that the Flat Chest Sex Doll makes up the majority of the lifelike sex dolls on our website. Many customers around the world are attracted to these dolls and want to purchase them, but they are extremely worried about the delivery, tariffs, and other aspects of these dolls. A sex doll’s shipping is crucial, especially for teen Flat Chest Sex Doll and small Real Sex Doll.

What Does Flat Chested Sex Doll Need to Maintain and Keep Clean?-Realsexdollstore.com


Standard models: Shower gel, soap, laundry detergent, and detergent can all be washed in water that is 40°C warm enough for bathing. Use washing oil to remove stains that are particularly difficult to remove.

Sound-heating models: Water must not enter the neck as this will quickly lead to rust and impair both use and appearance. Repeatedly rinsing with the disposable cleanser provided by the manufacturer is advised for the vagina and anus. Deep inside the vagina, there is a watertight ball that is glue-fixed to the screw. Over-rinsing could cause it to fall off. When it unintentionally comes off, dry the vagina and reinsert it.

  1. Use mild shower foam to clean the doll every 10 to 20 days. It is necessary to remove and clean the head separately. Please do not submerge the head in the water.
  2. After cleaning, dry the Real Sex Doll with a towel and apply powder or bath powder. Please refrain from blowing the doll with the hairdryer.
  3. Gently wipe the face with a damp towel. Please take it easy.
  4. To wash the wig, use a gentle shampoo. Allow the wig to dry naturally.
  5. Request: Please do not dress the doll in dark-colored clothes, so that the dark-colored clothes do not lose their color and stick to the doll’s skin.
  6. The Flat Chest Sex Doll should be moved with caution because it is a little hefty. Please do not cause the doll to be dropped, knocked, or damaged.



Please use powder or bath powder to dry and smooth the body’s skin when it becomes sticky.


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