Which doll is better, a hair transplant doll or a wig doll.

Which doll is better, a hair transplant doll or a wig doll.

You have decided to purchase a realistic sex doll but aren’t sure if you should get hair transplanted or a wig. We can help you make an informed choice. To help you make informed purchases, we have provided the following information. Realistic sex dolls have very distinctive hairstyles. There are two types: hair extensions and wigs.

What is the difference? What is the difference? To give the doll a feminine look, a wig is a design element with removable hair that is attached to the doll’s head. Let’s talk about this more so you can make an informed choice.

Dolls with hair implants are more expensive than wig dolls.
The most realistic sex dolls, wig-sex dolls, are made from TPE. Transplanted dolls should at least have one silicone head.
Implant dolls, on the other hand, require that you clean your doll each time it is washed. Wig sex dolls can be taken out of their bodies.
Implanted sex toys are more realistic than wigged dolls, and they can be more lifelike.
Implanted sex dolls may develop a unique look over time.
Because they are correctly inserted into the head, hair transplant sex dolls have greater control than wig-sex dolls. Wig dolls can have fragile hair control.

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The majority of dolls with TPE realistic sex dolls have wigs. They are usually in the moderately priced price range. These wigs can be made from synthetic polymers, which makes them more affordable and cheaper. It is much easier to purchase TPE realistic dolls and wigs rather than low-cost TPE dolls. If you are looking for the most realistic sex dolls, then sex dolls with hair wigs might be a good option.

Wigs are very easy to clean
A cute doll needs to be taken care of. It can be hard to have a real sex doll. After every sexual encounter, you should wash your doll thoroughly. It will be easier to wash your doll’s hair if her wig is easily removed. This will make it easy to wash your hair only once per day and save you time.

Wigs can be very unrealistic
Wigs cannot be secured so your doll may lose their wig during extreme or unfavorable interactions. It is less realistic. This does not refer to the appearance of realistic sex dolls. It is the wigs that your dolls are wearing. Dolls with wigs are less realistic than dolls that have hair implants.

Compatible with TPE heads
TPE hair transplant patients are often not impressed by wigs and prefer to use wigs that are poorly assembled. TPE dolls can wear wigs, as we can often say. Wigs are better than TPE hair implant. TPEs don’t support hair implants.

Instantly transform your appearance
What are the advantages of wigs for you? Your doll will never grow bored of its hairstyle. You can make your doll’s hair look any way you like. You have the option of curly, straight, short, or long hair. Online wig ordering allows you to change your hair’s color to blonde or brunette. You can order a wig online to change her hairstyle. This is an excellent option for people who want to change their hairstyles and are looking for a partner with a completely different style.

Which doll is better, a hair transplant doll or a wig doll.-Realsexdollstore.com

Hair implants.
Implanted hair dolls, also known as transplanted or implanted hair dolls, are hair that has been permanently inserted in the head and can’t be replaced. Now, we will discuss transplanted dolls and how you can make an efficient purchase.

Compatible with silicone heads
Transplanted hair dolls are more expensive than other TPE dolls. Because most transplant dolls have silicone heads, this is why they are more expensive. Silicone is good for hair transplants. It also retains hair well. Only silicone heads can be used for hair implants. Even though your doll’s body may be made from thermoplastic elastomer it still requires a silicone head. It is possible that you have purchased too much, which could lead to additional costs.

It is difficult to wash your hair.
You will need to wash the dolls’ hair in this instance. Because they can’t take their hair out for even a moment, you need to care for it. It will be more difficult to wash dolls’ hair if you do this every time. This is up to you to decide if it is a problem.

Extremely realistic
Every doll should be accurate and realistic. Implant-hair dolls are an excellent choice as they look and feel very real. You can manipulate them in any way that you want, and sometimes even aggressively. If your dolls feel natural and don’t interrupt, they most likely are real. Wig dolls feel more real than implant dolls, so it’s a good rule of thumb. This is a huge plus for some people.

Stronger than wigs
Implanted hair dolls are more flexible than dolls with full wigs. These hairs are woven into the skin using high-tech technology. The hair feels just like a human scalp and can form strong bonds with the head. Although it might not be as exact, their artificial nature will not affect your sexual pleasure or preference for dolls.


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